Welcome to Wolseley Liquids,

We are passionate about soil health, soil life, a balanced environment, sustainable agriculture, profitable farming and nutrient dense foods.

We manufacture plant nutrition and soil amelioration products that are specifically formulated to support sustainable and environmentally conscious farming strategies.

The products that we develop and manufacture are designed to provide farmers with registered cost effective products that are incorporated into soil conditioning and fertilizing programs.

Our products contribute towards the achievement of high yields and excellent crop quality in support of well-designed agronomic programs.

Wolseley Liquids offers product related support and guidance as well as professional agronomic services to distributors and growers.

Our services include:

  • Our unique comprehensible interpretations of your soil analyses results from a wide range of accredited Laboratories.
  • We design crop specific nutrient management strategies according to analytical results and additional soil evaluation methods.
  • Design of customised agronomic programs to address problems of declining soil structure, nutrient tie-ups and decreasing crop yields.
  • We can assist clients with formulations of unique products for individual needs.
  • Our technical team is only a phone call away and available with advice for different soils, crops, and weather patterns.


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